Friday, 10 June 2011

Chalk Pastel- Clay Pot on a Bench.

What I used
  • Coloured Paper- Amethyst Canford Card 8 1/2 x 11 Inch 
  • Soft Chalk Pastels- Alphacolor 24 soft pastels
I started by drawing the outline of my subject. I used a shade of purple close to the colour of the paper so that any errors made would be easy to hide/conceal.

Next I did what I would call a base colour for the clay pot. I added lighter and darker colours to create depth, shadow, highlight and to give a truer representation of the clay pot's colour.
Next I tackled the bench. The approach for this was the same. Base colour, then additional colours.
I tried to keep the background as simple as possible, using pastels that I figured would complement the subject.

Remember to spray your work with fixative (hair spray is a good alternative). After you spray, you may find it necessary to go back in and brighten your artwork. (I took these pics before spraying).

TIP: Try using dark colours like blues, greys, purples etc. for shadows instead of black.


  1. Man, I miss chalk pastels :D

  2. go get some miss Cleary. Thanks for commenting.