Friday, 10 May 2013

Indian Bangle Photography. Early Morning Sun.

I've had these sitting in my drawer forever and decided this morning to photograph them. I'm starting to like making use of early morning sun as "back light" for my photographs. I used a ladder as my tripod, opened up my aperture and let her click. So here are some shots of a percentage of my heritage on my arm. (Click to enlarge.)
Wai Li.
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nature Photos

This week was hiking week-to the south of the country we went. It was a long drive and a long but fairly simple walk; well worth it. Never have I appreciated owning my camera as much as I did that day. The afternoon was spent photographing everything. Though I did face the challenge of harsh midday sunlight and its shadows, I managed to come away with some awesome shots (well I think they're awesome). Here's a look at some of the photos I took. I may upload more later. Click to my Facebook to view more of what we experienced on the hike. Comment, follow my Facebook page and share with friends. I appreciate all the support.
Wai Li

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Vase- Chalk Pastel Artwork

After several layers of chalk, much blending and coats of fixative spray, my pastel piece I've been working at is complete... I think. I may go back to it and touch up a few things as always but here is a look at the final piece and the progress. My camera somehow didn't manage to capture the colour as I would have liked but it's close enough. I'd say the pigment is much deeper in real life. The next step is to frame and advertise for sale. Comment, critique and SHARE :)  
Peace n' Love.
Wai Li.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Creative Block

I am currently working on a chalk pastel piece and have found myself in a spot of bother. I just cannot seem to finish it! I was wondering if it was the fear of messing it up/ruining it or if perhaps too many other things were occupying my  mind. I believe the latter may be a large contributing factor.
Removing this mental cloud is a challenge. Perhaps a few lifestyle changes are in order. My plan so far is to start doing yoga, to help clear my mind. As we all know, any form of exercise is good for overall health and since I'm continuing formal studies, I need it. Until then, here is a link to my unfinished piece of art.CLICK HERE I press on in the morning to complete it. Feel free to share your methods of dealing with a creative block.

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