Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How to Make a Beaded Bracelet using Memory Wire.

Memory Wire bracelet.
Here is a bracelet I made for a friend, using memory wire.
I used regular black, blue and iridescent plastic beads.You should be able to find them in any craft store.

The wire may be long when purchased, so clip it to the appropriate length. (In this case, I counted about 5 loops and then cut the wire).

Bend one end of the wire to keep beads from sliding off. Be sure to bend it all the way it. Pliers are a good tool to use for this.

Add the beads then bend the other end of the wire to close off the bracelet.
This is really simple and I think anyone can do it.

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Wai Li.


  1. great tutorial! I have a similar memory wire bracelet!

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

  2. Hey. Thank you for checking me out. I'm shocked! Lol. I don't get many comments.