Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pens to Brushes Makeup Brush Review- The ELF Mineral Blending Brush

I have had this brush for about a week or two. I wanted to make sure that I used it for a bit before doing a review. So, here goes.

The first thing I noticed about this brush is that it is extremely light weight. The handle is bamboo with an outer coating (most likely acrylic) to keep moisture out. Nobody wants a rotten brush handle, right?

At a glance you can tell that the bristles are synthetic, however, they are soft to the touch.

Makeup application- I have no problem with the way this brush blends products. I use it for bronzer and blush (don't ask why, I just do) and I am pleased with the results.

My problem with this brush? It sheds! *Insert Pouty Face Here*. This brush shed when I got it. It shed after the first wash (I washed it before use). It shed after the first couple of uses. Now, I know that some reviews speak highly of these mineral brushes but I would be lying if I said that I was in love with it. The ferrule of the brush is a bit shaky, which leaves me wondering about the brush's durability...SCARY!

Conclusion. Elf brushes are cheap, so if you are a makeup novice, it wouldn't be such a bad thing to invest in this particular brush.

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