Friday, 25 March 2011

Sony Ericsson Aspen

Hello Everyone.
Today's post is not so much about art. I decided to do a post on the new phone I bought yesterday. Now, understand that I've only had one cellphone before this new one and I owned it for about 6 years. Its fanciest feature was the flashlight at the top. Hey! Don't hate, that light came in very handy in the cinema and during power outages.
Anyways, I bought a Sony Ericsson Aspen. It is a pretty phone but it came without a manual. I'm not sure if the manufactures assume that we'd all just go online to find out about the various features etc. I like a manual where I can flip pages. Old fashioned? Maybe. But that's me.
Here are some pictures of the phone. Let's hope that I can avoid dropping this phone in the road or in water as I often did with the old Nokia that I had. (I'm gonna miss that battle ax).
Have a good day all.

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